Letters send to the Ministry of energy and the CEB 15.12.15

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  1. Michel Chiffonne January 19, 2016 at 11:00 am

    On behalf of the PCREC and of the KLR, we are thereby requesting an urgent meeting with you please to discuss the many items that are not being addressed in the planning of the energy sector.
    First, we draw your attention to the fact that the deployment of huge centralised PV (photovoltaic) solar farms is not the right pathway for electricity production from intermittent Renewable Energy (RE). A big 15 MW farm can suddenly drop to 3 MW capacity if the sky is overcast with clouds. That is a sudden loss of 12 MW of power. The most optimal solution is to disseminate instead all over the country small to medium solar PV power plants ranging between 100 KW and 2 MW. The impact of localized clouds and showers will be mitigated to allow a more constant overall rate of effective PV capacity operating at all times. Such a strategy was proposed by the PCRESL in the context of the E.O.I/CPR/3898.
    The PCREC and the KLR also proposed in the pre-Budget consultations the development of agri-solar farms which would allow our small planters to stop abandoning their lands and would allow Mauritius to improve its food security while transiting towards clean energy.
    Last but not least, we have asked the Government to stop making the population, through the CEB, pay the MID levy on coal instead of it being paid by the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) operating coal and coal-bagasse electricity power plants. Since the setting up of the MID levy by the previous government in 2009, the population has had to pay nearly Rs 1 billion rupees for the pollution generated by the IPPs’ coal power plants. It is most surprising that a Lepep Government is allowing such an unjust situation to continue.

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